Professional in motion

We are pleased to present a docking station that
allows you to use your mobile phone with the
ergonomics, efficiency and safety you wish to have,
at your desk.


» Keeps your mobile phone fully charged.
» Enables hands free and conference calls as a full duplex speaker phone.
» Improves your way of working by having a nice and ergonomic handset.
» Connects easily to a standard office headset (headset bought separately).
» Minimizes radiation from mobile phones to your body.
» Supports voice recognition (if available on your mobile phone).
» Fits different brands of phones (please read more under connector section).
» Adjustable angle for easy viewing of the mobile phone screen.
» LED´s indicating charging, power and most importantly; if a communication is going on.
» Power supply: 230V AC to 12V DC plug-in power adapter included.

What you get

When you buy myDOQ station it comes with everything you need to get started.
However the connector kit is needed for your myDOQ station to work correctly together
with your mobile phone.